You may enter any dates between 1 January 1400 and 1 January 2100
Dates before 15 October 1582 are in the Julian calendar

To build a heliohoroscope chart, you start by entering two dates. You may enter the birthdates of two people to see the aspects between their natal planets, or a birth date and another date, to see what aspects the person has on that desired day (in relation to their birth date).

Be sure to press the “Show” button for both dates.

The planets’ positions for the first date are represented by the bigger, multi-coloured discs, and for the second date, by the smaller all-green discs. You may save the resulting image and use it elsewhere.

Planetary Alignments

There are two types of planetary alignments: Reunion and Line.

A reunion occurs when a planet returns to the place in its own orbit which it occupied on the day of a person’s birth. When the heliohoroscope is built for two people, this aspect is called a planetary union. This aspect can be exact or with an orb of up to seven days.

A line (also known as syzygy) occurs when three or more planets form a straight line. A special case of the line aspect is the solar line. The solar line occurs when the Sun and two or more planets are perfectly parallel to each other, forming a straight line.

This software does not highlight the aspects. However, you can easily do so yourself with the help of any graphic processor, after saving the chart file to your computer.

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